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I've written a book, been published in an anthology, and had my work cited in two books: "Lincoln and Medicine" and "Stealing Lincoln's Body."

But, articles are my mainstay. Hundreds of my pieces have appeared in more than 35 publications, from The Hollywood Reporter to children's magazines. For ten years, I've also written an award-winning newspaper column about Illinois and central Illinois history (it currently appears in the State Journal-Register).

Whether it's dissecting what makes a plant stink for a kid's magazine or unearthing where Lincoln's little-known first tomb is, it's all about finding and telling a good story.

Tara McClellan McAndrew was one of the first writers I turned to when I began to edit Christmas in Illinois, an anthology published by the University of Illinois Press in 2010. Her knowledge of Illinois history and her writing skills are exemplary. 

– James Ballowe, Essayist, poet, editor

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