Stories of Springfield


Life in Lincoln's Town - BOOK
Enjoy stories about Abraham Lincoln and his hometown, including the comic, the tragic, and the completely unexpected.

Lincoln and Cocaine

Did our greatest president really buy and use cocaine, like some respected historians claimed? Tara researched 1800s drugstore ledgers and newspapers to find out. The results are in this Chicago Tribune Magazine article.

Yearning to Breathe Free

This full-length play tells the story of early immigrants to the U.S.  Surviving the voyage here was only half of their challenge. The real struggle came at America's Golden Gates.

Real People, Real Stories

I love finding and telling good stories. I've found them in the Arctic, the downs of England, the backroads of southern Illinois, and in fragile, old documents. I've interviewed governors, gardeners, celebrities, and scientists. I write about the dead, too, but they don't give good interviews. I've turned these stories into plays, poems, articles, radio programs, and documentaries, and I'm always working to find the next good story.